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Why the »most optimal IT solution« often turns out to be a suboptimal solution?


In last years, the number of IT solution providers has rapidly increased. Companies have high expectations when searching for IT solutions. But, purchasing IT solutions without a strategic view and clear understanding of the purpose of the implementation, will cause more problems than improvements.

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Marketing technologies: opportunities and key success factors


Trends show that up to year 2017, Marketing director will spend more for technologies than IT director. But how to ensure that resources for technology are used effectively and selected technology actually allows achievement of company’s business goals?

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Full functionality and better results of promotions management software with our implementation support


We supported a large retailer in the region at optimization of promotions and implementation of software for promotions management, which ensured a precise pricing strategy development and ability to track performance of promotions, as well as financial impact on P&L results.

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Successful integration of marketing automation with identification of sales funnel and customer journey


Marketing automation and lead nurturing strategy enabled our client to speed up the sales cycle and build relationships with their existing and potential students.

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Sales optimization based on optimal usage of IT solutions


The integration of an IT solution helped our client make faster decisions, but in order to fully utilize the solution, the right input has to be provided.

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