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Development of an improved sales strategy based on our detailed market analysis and identification of ICT ecosystem


We prepared a comprehensive assesment of the B2B ICT market in Slovenia.  We focused on segments of small, medium and large companies and those belonging to the public sector. With comprehensive analysis of the market, we identified key stakeholders within the ICT industry and defined the differences in offerings among companies within mentioned segments.


When analyzing the case we reviewed relevant databases, from which we extracted key findings. We identified stakeholders within the ICT B2B ecosystem, made a comparative analysis of the services and correlation matrix. We had to align with the client regarding the estimation methodology of each individual pillar of ICT industry, because at that time there was no relevant market analyses.


  • At the beginning of the project, we prepared a rough overview of the market and all the players in it, their revenues, number of employees, and other key information.
  • On the basis of companies revenue data, share of ICT expenses in their total income and sales structure, we estimated the size of the ICT B2B market for each defined segment.
  • At the end we prepared an analysis of individual segments of services and defined the criteria according to which we classified players in the market and subsequently prioritized those regarding strategic objectives of ICT B2B segment.


Based on all conducted studies and analyses, we prepared an overview of ICT B2B market, which enabled our client to determine market entry strategy and identify key stakeholders. With our analysis, client gained insight into market sizes of individual pillars. Based on that they were able to prepare a business plan and expected incomes from ICT B2B segment.


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