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Achieving a unique market position in a competitive industry with a new business model for energy sales


We prepared a business model for electricity sale for a leading telecommunications operator in the region that enabled our client to offer additional services, next to traditional sales of telecommunications, and conceptualized communication strategy.


The biggest challenge was highly competitive market, our client wanted to enter. Energy sector in Slovenia is moving from the phase of pressure on the prices into the phase of consolidation and new competitors. To avoid price wars, we needed to find innovative solutions to sell electricity. Key challenge was to identify success factors, which would ensure our client a unique position in the market and take price sensitivity into account.


  • In the first phase we focused on market analysis, in which we analyzed B2B and B2C segments and determined key market entrants. Conceptually, we identified various opportunities to participate on the market, for example, with partners or with your own sales structure. During the project we used both qualitative and quantitative methods, which presented basis for decision-making. At the end of the first phase we also identified key customer segments.
  • During second phase, we defined USP and conceptualized services. We analyzed customer perception of purchasing and consuming electricity which enabled our client to understand their potential customers. We determined key benefits and USP, which our client used as a competitive advantage for the sale of electricity. Finally, we identified possible service and the concept of the packages that have been linked to the sale of electricity for B2B and B2C segment. In our proposals we took into account the new innovative solutions for sales, we have reviewed the "bundling" options, etc...
  • In the third phase we defined communication strategy. We defined the position of communication providers and identified key communications challenges, prepared guidelines to define the position of our client and identified basic communication messages. In the end, we prepared and defined communication plan to implement strategy.


We identified solutions that involved modern technologies, innovative solutions and added value for users that gave our client advantage over other electricity providers. Our client positioned themselves on the market as a supplier of electricity and differentiated from other energy providers on the market.


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