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Ensure customer centricity by improving performance of marketing department


Marketing department assessment enabled our client to increase internal and external effectiveness, raise marketing reputation within organization and focus on the customer in its activities.


  • A leading energy provider in the country wanted to verify current situation of marketing function and identify key areas and activities that would have positive effect on business results. 
  • Key challenge was to analyze management of marketing function and define key improvements.


  • Qualitative analysis of the management of the marketing function: Indigo prepared qualitative evaluation of the marketing function according to four dimensions of BSC and compared it to best practices.
  • Identification of potential improvements: Pristop determined key gaps between business strategy and existing marketing strategy. Potential areas for improvement have been identified according to business effect.


  • The client has successfully implemented our action plan to close the gaps between business strategy and marketing strategy, raised department effectiveness and its reputation within the organization.


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