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Sales optimization based on optimal usage of IT solutions


The integration of an IT solution helped our client make faster decisions, but in order to fully utilize the solution, the right input has to be provided.

We helped our client align their internal processes to the new solution by defining the relevant data for input and responsibilities for gathering the data, as well as KPI tracking.


  • Our client handles thousands of B2C clients per day. In order to be faster and more customer centric, the right decisions had to be made immediately.
  • An IT software vendor approached the client and proposed the integration of a solution which would make responses to clients faster and increase relevance of services to clients, since it prepares offers based on data in addition to discussion with clients at POS.
  • The challenge was clear, the solution was as good as was the input within the system, which would be at some point inserted manually and had to be consistently under control in order to make right decisions.


  • Analyze key functionalities of the IT solution: We have analyzed key functionalities and of the implemented IT solutions.
  • Analyze involvement of IT solutions position within current processes and organization: After understanding the scope of functionalities of the IT solution, we mapped key processes and organizational units that are involved.
  • Identification key stakeholders: In order to understand who is involved in the usage of the solution, we defined stakeholders within the organization that are crucial for optimal usage of IT solution. 
  • Preparation of responsibility matrix and reporting of KPIs: After all stakeholders were defined, we prepared a responsibility matrix that included all identified stakeholders and dedicated responsibilities on operational and executive level. We also developed KPIs and decision making process if KPIs are below defined target.
  • Implementation roadmap: For all necessary steps, we have prepared an implementation roadmap for a full utilization of resources and established a data driven organization, which included a data based decision making processes.


  • The client could fully utilize the capabilities of the IT solution by systematically using inserting the correct input, which was aligned with all relevant stakeholders within the organization. Based on the developed KPIs, faster decision could be made and strategies adapted faster to market changes.


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