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Improved internal communication and spending of resources by closing gaps within commercial processes


For our client, a globally present pharma company, we identified gaps within commercial processes and developed measures in order to improve internal communication and spend less resources for process execution.


  • Our client was an international pharma corporation with its commercial operations covering CEE and EURASIA region.
  • With complex everyday process execution with numerous stakeholders, cases of sub-optimal communication, ongoing double checking and overlapping of activities were common in several situations.
  • The challenge was to improve commercial related processes trough the organization by involving all stakeholders and trying to develop measures that would be mutually accepted by all relevant stakeholders on executive and operational level.


  • Analyze current organization and all involved departments outside the organization: In order to understand key stakeholders and the organizational structure, we mapped the organization and applied relevant stakeholders within the organization. These stakeholders were critical, since they had a clear understanding of current gaps, but with limited cross-organizational overview.
  • Map all relevant processes and applying them on key organizational units: We mapped more than 10 process areas and almost 100 processes that are covering commercial operations. After the mapping, a short list of most critical and common processes was defined in order to make a prioritized approach.  
  • Defining key stakeholders and prepare interviews: We involved more than 100 stakeholders and prepared sets of interviews for identification of critical gaps within processes. 
  • Identify crucial gaps with a cross-organizational view: For ensuring an E2E view on process execution across the organization and its affiliates, we discussed and identified key challenges that are occurring within defined processes. It was crucial to have a common understanding of gaps by all involved stakeholders.
  • Prepare measures for closing gaps: The main focus was to close gaps with a broad consensus within the organization. In order to achieve that, we prepared workshops with our proposed measures and aligned them with specifics of stakeholders needs in order to make measures fully implementable.
  • Approve measures on executive and operational levels: After measures were developed and approved by operational level stakeholders, we prepared a proposal for approval of sets of measures on executive level. All measures have been approved and implemented by predefined responsible internal employees.


  • All »generally know« challenges became measurable, defined and commonly understood across the organization. By having such a structured overview on how sub-optimal process execution and lack of proper communication impact everyday operations, we could prepare a list of measures in order to close exactly defined gaps, case by case, which resulted in overall process E2E execution on several levels within the corporation.


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