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  • Data driven marketing consulting

    No matter how complex your challenges are, our data driven, structured consulting approach help you overcome these challenges and win on the market.


  • Digital transformation is a means to an end not an objective

    Pristop's Management consulting department will henceforth operate as an independent company under the name Indigo and with even wider range of services. It will be led by dr. Mitja Pirc, with whom we talked about management consulting services as one of the fastest growing industries in the world and transformation of companies in the era of intensive digitalization and data utilization.

  • Faster results from new revenue streams with a go-to-market strategy and identification of digital ecosystem

    We developed a strategy that considered the evolution of the digital ecosystem and defined key stakeholders that should be addressed first in order to ensure faster revenue development.

  • Improved internal communication and spending of resources by closing gaps within commercial processes

    For our client, a globally present pharma company, we identified gaps within commercial processes and developed measures in order to improve internal communication and spend less resources for process execution.

  • Increased profitability by optimization of promotion activities and pricing

    Development of quick fixes for the optimization of pricing activities held our client achieve a 2%-4% higher gross margin on company level.

Key challenges and open questions when companies face Big Data & Digital transformation

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